NHS Enhanced SERvices
Minor Eye Conditions Service
Available to NHS patients who are registered with a GP in the Islington CCG areas. This service is free.

Flashing Lights, Floaters, Red eye, etc

Delaying is not a healthy options and you should seek professional help from your GP, from our Optometrists or the Hospital. 

Andrew is qualified in the provision for care in Minor Eye Conditions and in Islington this service is extended for enhanced service of Cataract Referral and Glaucoma Referral Refinement. All patients registered with a GP in the Islington area are able to get a consultation with Andrew. You will be asked your symptoms to confirm it is one of the conditions covered. All appointments are funded by the NHS as part of the shared care scheme.

This is not an eye test and will be centred around the presenting symptom only. If necessary, Andrew will be able to prescribe medications and carry out relevent referral to an ophthalmologist if required.
Glaucoma Referral Refinement
if you are concerned about Glaucoma, Andrew Keech is able to carry out a procedure of Advanced Glaucoma Detection. This is not currently available through the NHS, but costs only £59.50 for peace of mind.

If you are registered with a GP in the areas covered by Islington CCG, you may be referred to have further procedures carried out as part of Glaucoma Referral Refinement

It requires a eye and vision examination to include eye pressures, visual fields and fundus photography with the particular aim to reduce false positive referrals to hospitals of patients considered by their optician to be a significant risk of having glaucoma.

Cataract Referral
Cataracts are sometimes beautiful to look at but rarely a joy to have. The image ot the left is an age-related Cortical Cataract, which  has a classic bicycle wheel appearance. Typical symptoms are hazy or misty vision which may be so bad that its affects your lifestyle or increases your risk of falls, etc.

Andrew can carry out an assessment for you to see if you have any cataract and also whether it is likely to be affecting your life or lifestyle. NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, has recently issued guidance on cataract referral.

Cataract Referral at this practice is covered by an enhanced service agreement with Moorfields and Islington CCG. It is a free referral service, but you may have to pay a standard eye exam fee, if you are not eligible for a free NHS eye exam.
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